1/a predicted by revised rating system

1/a predicted EGD | 1/a observed EGD | 1/a predicted revised | 1/a observed revised

p predicted EGD | p observed EGD | p predicted revised | p observed revised

rating point contibutions EGD | rating point contributions Revised

rating points for game results EGD | rating points for game results Revised |

The horizontal axis shows the go rating scale used by the EGD and the revised rating system.
The vertical axis shows units of log-odds per rating point.

The thick blue line is 1/a in a standard Elo rating system.
The colored lines from yellow to blue are log-odds / delta, colored per rating grade.
The green line corresponds to 1/a (the limit for delta equals 0).
To reduce clutter, I projected positive delta to the left and negative delta to the right of the green line.